It’s easy during this time of year to turn traditions and ways of doing things in the past into ruts that no longer serve us. Here are 11 holiday myths that you might want to rethink:

          1. Being with family is a must during the holidays.

          2. Buying ‘the perfect gift’ is required.

          3. You’ll upset your hosts if you
               don’t imbibe at their parties.

          4. You’re really a slouch unless you
                craft a gift or make some food

         5. You’re not a spiritually contributing member of your
              community unless you work in a soup kitchen, visit
              seniors in convalescent homes or volunteer to carol…with
              anyone, anywhere.

         6. You have to be the one who drives all over to visit family
               and extended family.

         7. Being alone is a no-no.

         8. Complaining about the cost of gifts, the commercialization
              of the holidays, the bad weather or how much weight 
              you’ve gained is required daily.

        9. If I don’t do it, it won’t get done, and it must get done.

      10. You are responsible for making others happy at this time of

      11. You can start to take better care of yourself right after the
(don’t wait, start now)

     The real message here is to do what works for you. Look at what you’ve always done and see if it still creates a warm glow of joy within you.

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