1) Ask for help

          Life is too short to spin your wheels trying to do it all on your own. If there is someone who can help, ask them. My husband and I recently wanted to BBQ but neither of us knew how and didn’t want to buy any equipment or flounder around on our own. We asked a friend who BBQs a lot and now we’re on our way to being expert outdoor cooks!

2) Simplify your life

          This can start with that spring cleaning you didn’t quite get around to. There is stuff you’ll never use, and this stuff clutters up the room that might be available for exciting new things and experiences and people to come into your life. Got anything like that????

3) Focus on the positive

          A personal pet peeve of mine…wasting time in conversation or other activities on negative things beyond our control: the weather, politics (get out and vote to make a change), inflated reports that capitalize on sensationally bad news, gossip and wallowing in the bad experiences of others…it doesn’t really help them and it certainly doesn’t help you.

4) Meditate

          Meditation is a salve that calms how our mind processes some of the crazies in life. A regular practice of meditation alleviates much of the “monkey mind” of energetic discourse that can take over, in spite of our best efforts to not let things get to us. (For an excellent guide to meditating, check out Edward Viljoen’s The Power of Meditation.)

5)  Look for what’s important 

          Pretend the end is near. What will you spend your last days doing and with whom? Perhaps it’s about family and friends rather than getting back at someone or stretching your resources to acquire that expensive car…or house…or outfit…or….

6 1/2) Share your wealth

          I give this one 1 ½ because it helps others and it helps you at least half as much as it helps others. When it suddenly looks like crap in my life, the best thing I can do is to do for others. It takes the focus off me and my (usually little) problem and benefits someone else. Some of the most powerful giving I have done in my life has come when I turn away from an inane issue in my life to help another.

      One contented little guy

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