1. Promise Positive Self-Talk

          I wonder if we all truly know that we are our own worst enemies. No one can be more rigid and more unforgiving of our errors than us. And how many times have we said to a friend, “Gosh, you wouldn’t be as mean to ME as you are to yourself.”?

          It’s a habit that we do this, you know. And like any habit, it can be broken. Make the commitment to catch yourself when you hear that negative self-talk. Listen to CD’s with positive affirmations (Louise Hay), tell others you’re trying to stop talking trash about yourself and give yourself a huge pat on the back when you’re successful.

2. Promise to Practice Patience With Yourself and With Others (my personal nemesis)

          As senior citizens it’s more important than ever to slow down to enjoy all that life has to offer. It’s not the end result anymore as much as the journey. We have nothing to prove about getting to the end in a speedy way. Now’s the time to savor each part of the process.

          Like self-talk, lack of patience is a habit. And, if you’re like me, you may have people recommending books to help you learn to stop and smell the roses (Patience:  The Art of Peaceful Living by Allan Lokos).

3. Promise to be Less Opinionated

          Sorry, but people don’t really want your opinion unless they specifically ask for it. So, in the meantime, zip it and be a good listener and provide feedback only to let them know they’ve been heard.

4. Promise to be There for Others

           One of the greatest gifts we have to share with others is ourselves: our time, our money, our support. Of course don’t put the needs of others ahead of your own if in doing so you are sacrificing your own well being.

          Being there for others requires tuning in to what’s happening around you. Do you have friends or family members who could use someone just listening to them? Is there someone you know who could appreciate your comfort? Look around.

5. Promise to Create Anew or Widen a Current Spiritual Connection

          What does spirit mean to you? Only you can decide. Perhaps it’s worshiping at your center of choice. Perhaps it’s a regular walk in nature. Whatever it is, your connection to spirit can only enhance your life. It doesn’t cost anything, it can be done at any time and in any place and it can work instantly to make you feel better. Spiritual connection is like a warm cup of soup. Feel it spread throughout your body. It’s a powerful tool.

6.  Promise to Lighten Up

          Is it really such a big deal? Is your sense of self compromised? Does it violate all you know to be right and true? If not, lighten up and let it go. There will always be somebody and/or something to make you feel uptight, angry, frustrated or resentful. You get to chose how you respond.

          For these six promises to enhance your life, there are six million others. What are yours? Write them down and post them somewhere so you will be reminded daily of their power.

          It may look like I wrote this post for you, but I really wrote it as a reminder to me. Happy Birthday to me. xoxxo

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