Heart sayings:
                           ~take a comment to heart
                              ~feeling a heart connection
                            ~a bleeding heart
                              ~a heart-to-heart
                              ~after my own heart
                               ~absence makes the heart grow

                            ~have a change of heart
                               ~eat your heart out
                               ~a heart of stone; a heart of gold
                               ~coming from the heart


          These words don’t refer to the heart physiologically, they refer to it in an emotional state which can  illustrate our strong relationship between mind and body.  While many in the medical community may not put a lot of stock in the strong connection between the physical and emotional, there are lots of metaphysical followers, including me, who do. It is a growing trend to accept just how much our thoughts and emotions significantly affect our physical beings.
          Whenever I have a problem, a situation that is causing me grief, I take it to heart. What I do literally is sit in silence, as in meditation, and think of something positive, something that brings me joy. Usually I think about my cat, Kali. When I am feeling love and joy for her, I visualize the heart in my chest begin to open and expand. This hole that begins to widen in my heart contains that love and joy I am feeling. When I’m all comfy with this joy, I take that problem situation or  person and plunk it right down in the middle of that hole in my heart. My problem becomes all enveloped in that joy and love. But how does that help me? 

With the problem resting in my heart, I begin to see it as an extension of myself, and  then I am able to focus on creating compassion for the problem or person. Sometimes I am able to see and understand the reason for whatever happened even if it’s some not-so-great behavior on their part. I’m able to objectively see their reasoning even if it resulted in hurting me. I still don’t have to be thrilled about it but I quit being upset and traumatized.  The second thing that happens is that I am able to get space from the issue….it’s put into perspective and that usually lessens its importance in my full and wonderful life. Nothing has happened to change the facts, but I’m calmer and happier. What’s better than that?
          My heart, not my brain, has created the resolution to my problem.  My heart is the brain of my well-being. It’s a powerful organ, not just for the love that is created by it and radiated from it but for its ability to ‘solve’ my problems. I can honestly say I have never ‘solved’ problems more effectively. Give it a try.

          This Valentine’s Day, when you look around and see this symbol of love everywhere, begin to think of your heart as a more powerful tool.  The event I’ve shared is just one tiny example of our hearts being at the core of how we think and feel. All the love and positive feelings created by my heart spread throughout my being, and I am made better for it.

          The Heartmath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin is a wonderful book that will explain this concept and the benefits of accessing the power of your heart’s intelligence.
          Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
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