Wayne Dyer speaks of abundance. Oprah also has expounded on the subject over the years. These two as well as thousands of other well known personalities have written tomes about abundance and its role in life. Within my own spiritual community, abundance is a cornerstone of a joyous life. Acknowledging abundance around us is a powerful and no-cost way to improve your life. I’m all for inexpensive ways to improve my life, and I never get tired of being reminded of the goodness that comes from creating prosperity and celebrating all the abundance that already exists.

Negative Issues

          A practice of acknowledging abundance helps mold a more positive and upbeat lifestyle. After all, it’s an uphill battle to focus on negative issues all the time when you see and celebrate all that is available to you daily. I can see your eyebrows crinkle together when you read that last sentence. Is that a true statement, you ponder? Actually, with all the reports of crime, destruction, poor economic forecasts, and war, to name a few pessimistic talking points, it’s quite easy to wallow in the negative in spite of all the wonderment in the universe.

          Just look at an hour of the news every night for a week and feel the sadness left in your soul. We’re bombarded with messages that say things aren’t good out there and if they are good, it’s only temporary. There’ll be a shooting, tornado, financial crisis or political scandal to rob you of the true joys in life.

Describe Your Abundance

          What does abundance look and feel like to you? To me, I don’t focus on what I want when I think of abundance, I think about what I already have, and that doesn’t change with the stock market, the weather or with what so-and-so said about me to someone else. To many people abundance is defined as freedom, happiness, health, love, peace.

          I think you have to live an abundant life to have an abundant life. And here I’m not talking about what possessions you have but rather what you truly believe about having abundance. You can’t truly believe in lack, want, violence and be worried and fearful or angry all the time and, in the same breath, believe that there is enough in the world to meet all your needs. You have to let go of the negative to allow room for the positive to live in your soul.


          This Thanksgiving when you’re sharing all that you’re grateful for, toss in a few affirmations about the abundance currently in your life. Celebrate and declare all the abundance that you have manifested. It’s your choice. Choose abundance, choose the celebration of all there is, choose the affirmation of all that the Universe currently provides for you.

Kali, some of my abundance

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