Over the weekend I went to the mall … to visit with Santa and let him know what I wanted for Christmas. I waited in line with all the other excited children – and a few not so excited ones. When it got to be my turn, I gingerly climbed up into his lap, and you know that took some doing! But I got there and smiled brightly into his sparking light blue eyes.

          Then I began to tell him exactly what I hoped he’d bring me this Christmas. You might guess I asked for world peace and an end to hunger and strife everywhere, plus I asked for a termination to debilitating diseases and poverty. Indeed I joyously requested these good things for the world, but my “want” list was long and very personal. It was mostly about me.
I asked for:

     – Patience:  the thing I lack the most and need unequivocally 
     – The ability to forgive unconditionally, without consideration 
          for the magnitude of the wrong
     – Loyalty to my friends so they know they can always
on me
     – The vulnerability to show my transparent, genuine and
          sincere side without worrying about how I’m coming

     – Loving kindness for all living things

     – An abundant generosity for random acts of kindness 

          as well as giving for the more visible needs
     – Loving friends who accept me as I am, foibles and all

     – And, finally, that which I continuously seek:
          and respect for all my imperfect perfection.

          My list is not small, as you can see. What is your list? And how will you be your own Santa?

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