Are You Caught Up, or Do You Have More Work to Do?

I’m caught up on knee jerk reactions.
I’m caught up on wasting time with negative people.
I’m caught up on labeling people derogatorily when their views are different than mine.

I’m caught up on depressing news and things that can go wrong.
I’m caught up in kidding myself that my can’t-look-away addiction to lots of horrible internet events is really information gathering.
I’m more than caught up on a talented and wildly-diverse monkey mind.
I’m caught up on staying out of touch with my feelings.

And, finally, I’m caught up on all the things – both personal and universal – that I fail to control.

I still have more work to do, however, on letting sink in and truly expressing all the wonderful and bountiful things that make my life an outstanding and fulfilling ride.

I still need to work on being a friend who lets go of my personal time to really be with others. (Doesn’t the definition of friendship, in fact, include spending personal time with another – either in person or online?)

I also need to work more on thinking I know it all. When my doctor says something about my health, I need to listen. While I may think I know best, there’s a good chance he knows what he’s talking about relative to my body.

My experience

As I’ve aged, I’ve begun to look at what I still want to do that I haven’t yet. At this point, hiking the Grand Canyon or signing up for a writers’ workshop in some other state don’t seem like realistic choices for my future. I doubt I’ll become a juggler or perfect the body roll in dance – I’ve tried!

Why should I look around the universe when there’s plenty to accomplish right now in front of me? All these things take little or no money and require no special skills … except for the desire to wring the most out of our remaining time.

There are belly laughs to be had and breath-takingly stunning landscapes to see (either in person or through art). There are soft bodies leaning into yours for support, love, and friendship. There is, in fact, enough love and attention as well as companionship out there … if you let it in. It also helps to give out that which you truly want, like love, attention, and companionship.

What are you caught up on and what more work do you have to do … on what?