Around the Corner, Up Ahead

Around the Corner, Up Ahead is a memoir of Antonia’s abundant life. Selected essays about her interesting, humorous, compassionate, and sometimes painful life are presented in this book. Antonia shares personal essays that readers may relate to living and aging in the less-than-idealist times we didn’t foresee as Baby Boomers. The focus of her words is on optimism, learning to improve our well-being in the future, and remaining balanced and upbeat through it all. The selection of essays she shares shaped her fulfilling life. You may see some of your similar experiences in her words

A Grateful Life: Thriving as We Age

Antonia’s books are fun and easy to read and help readers find solutions for many of life’s foibles and tests. Life doesn’t have to be complicated or depressing. Each of us has the power to make it better, to make it some of the best times of our lives. This book contains lots of stories and suggestions to improve the remaining time we have.

Golden Grace: Embracing the Richness of Our Later Years

Golden Grace reminds us that our later years may be some of the best of our lives. It doesn’t take a lot of money or other possessions to enjoy your later years to the fullest. Antonia presents, with a most gentle yet powerful voice, ways to make the most of your senior years. The simple message of Golden Grace is about having an attitude, and actions supportive of that attitude, that bring forth the joy and fulfillment of our elder years.
Praise for Golden Grace

“This visually stunning, beautifully crafted book is written with a gentle and comforting style that nonetheless calls us to dig deep and live a full life.”
Edward Viljoen, author of The Power of Meditation

“In this loving, wise and lyrical book, Antonia Albany proffers practical insight into how we can drink deeply, joyously and gratefully from the spring of life in our golden years.”
Christopher J. Smith, newspaper columnist and reporter

“Antonia approaches aging as a spiritual practice that can be filled with joy and gratitude. A great gift book… for yourself or a friend.”
Dr. Chris Michaels, author of The Power of You

“Leads us back to our truth: that we were created to live in enthusiastic and spontaneous joy. Bursting with inspiration and ideas to help us recapture our true selves at any age.”
Randall Friesen, Publisher, Newt List

In This Moment: Making the Most of Your Senior Years

In This Moment celebrates the latter part of our lives with humor, candidness, and honesty. Author Antonia Albany offers her personal experiences of aging well through gratitude, spirituality, having fun, and making the most of every situation. She also gently touches on challenging topics like imperfection, letting go and death. Describing her journey with aging, Albany shares her discoveries and revelations about how to make our senior years more rewarding and enjoyable.

The Other Side of the Hill: Celebrating Our Later Years

“The other side of the hill” doesn’t have to be a steady decline from a previously fun and vibrant life! In this engaging, honest and vulnerable book, Antonia Albany discusses stretching fun, personal growth, and spiritual connection into your later years. It’s not about how much money you have, where you live or whether you’re in a relationship. It’s about cultivating a positive attitude and approach to life. Antonia shares her successes and failures, along with suggestions for making the most of life no matter how old you are.


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