Celebrate Love – Dr. Chris Michaels, Guest Blog

Whether you are in a relationship and are planning a special dinner, or you are single and arranging a girl’s night out with all of your best friends, it is good to remember Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about your relationships with others.

Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of the love you find everywhere in your life. It can be a celebration of your relationship with yourself.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently this year:

  1. Go get yourself a massage
  2. Buy yourself flowers
  3. Go for a long walk without your phone or music
  4. Take a long bubble bath
  5. Read that book that has been sitting on your night stand for months
  6. Cook yourself a healthy but yummy meal
  7. Start a gratitude journal
  8. Leave a kind note on a stranger’s car or with your tip at the coffee shop
  9. Go to a restorative yoga class
  10. Handwrite thank you cards to people who have changed your life for the better this year
  11. Watch a Wes Anderson Film
  12. Light twenty candles and listen to old records
  13. Clean out your closet and get rid of what no longer serves you
  14. Go to that bar you have wanted to go to by yourself
  15. Get yourself a flower head band
  16. Bake or order something sweet
  17. Eat BBQ and play video games
  18. Meditate somewhere new
  19. Make a terrarium
  20. Take a ceramic class

Whatever you do, do something that lights you up.

Sometimes during the New Year we can get super focused and think only about working out, eating well, and all of the goals we have set. But we need to also love our life. Our life isn’t a to-do list. It isn’t validated by our career or our partner. We make and define our life. So this year, celebrate love.

This Valentine’s Day, spend a day loving your life.




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