It’s very simple. Nothing to research, nothing to buy.  Nothing to prepare to do. Nothing to cook or wrap or save up for. Nothing to share, nothing to worry about. It’s free. It’s a gift to yourself. Ready for it? Here it is:

          Celebrate. That’s it, just celebrate. Celebrate what, you say? This is a good place to start:

          Celebrate the breath that sustains you, that keeps
          your whole being moving and growing and feeling

          Celebrate the simplicity of life and the humor when
          we turn that simplicity into a tight clutch of discord

          Celebrate the diversity of people around the world
          that broadens our spectrum of color and experiences

          Celebrate how calm you instantly become when
          you close your eyes and sink into the loving arms
of solitude

          Celebrate the color of the water on that special day
last spring when you thought you’d never seen a
          more sparkling periwinkle blue 

Celebrate the bounty that floats you through life,
the abundance that surrounds you and brings you

          Celebrate the wet nose poke of a pet seeking your
touch of love

          Celebrate the seasons with all their good and not so
good parts. They are the continuation of life and

          Celebrate friendship, that soft place to fall, that
place without envy, jealousy or upset

          Celebrate family, its imperfections and its purity,
whether its biological or created

          Celebrate spirit and the joy of ALL seasons.

          I join you in all these celebrations and many more, for you and your loved ones.


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