As we age I believe our sense of freedom and all the implications of freedom are heightened.  Perhaps this is because our lives are not as splintered with family and/or work obligations, or a boatload of other tasks or responsibilities. The simplicity of my later years has allowed me to focus on the basics of life, and freedom is right up there at the top of my basics-of-life list.

          I  don’t generally wait until July 4th to celebrate freedom and what it means to me. I recall it every day that I am able to move about my community without fear of sniper attacks or bombings. (I’m talking about the norm and not the aberrant Newtown or Columbine here.)

My take on freedom

          I celebrate freedom every time I check out books of my choosing from the library or freely leave the U.S. for foreign travel or attend my spiritual home for prayers and learning, all without the involvement or questioning by others. These are just some of the things not afforded to everyone in the world, and I don’t take them for granted.

          My freedom includes spending my time and money and energy on people and activities of MY choosing. There are no requirements for me to do anything I don’t choose. Sure, taxes and death will always be there whether I choose them or not … but you know what I mean.

          This coming Friday the most difficult decision I have to make is how much and what kind of calories and carbs to consume at my friends’ BBQ.

          I am grateful beyond words about the freedom that I have. I will take time this Friday for a silent prayer of  thanks for all who fought to insure my freedom and the freedom of all of us.

          I hope you have a great holiday and didn’t forget to look at all that freedom does for you and for those who made possible the opportunities and liberty enjoyed by you and your family.


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