Christmas 2019

Thoughts on Miracles

When you pay attention, you can see evidence of miracles happening all around. A plane with mechanical problems lands safely, a wind that turns a fire away from homes, seeing or hearing when all hope to do so is lost, a premature baby surviving and thriving. These are only a couple of the good and sometimes very unexpected things that take place in our lives.

Miracles enjoy attention and more conversation during the holidays, probably stemming from early religious stories. We talk about them like they’re only something of the past … water into wine and all that!

I believe miracles flourish in our current era and not just during the holidays.

Miracles can be small and personal. They can be about finally accomplishing that one thing that has alluded you over the years. They involve not letting someone’s snarky remark ruin your day, or being okay with not wasting a ton of time trying to convince someone of your point of view – a point they’re never inclined to acknowledge as valid. Leave others alone, and save your strength for the personal miracles that light up your life.

Finally ….

Tomorrow on Christmas I’ll take one of my No Tech days – a miracle in my eyes. I’ll stay off all social media and not turn my laptop on or look once at my cellphone; I’ll keep them powered down. This is the gift I’m giving myself. In preparation for Christmas I’ve achieved everything I wanted to so I could have this time uninterrupted by chores or last minute things I’ve forgotten to buy, make, or share.

Whatever gifts you receive, I hope the best ones are the ones you give yourself. Give yourself a sleeve of miracles or a ream of little nothings that get you off the hook when the only one being hard on yourself is you.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!