You may not agree, but I think cleanses or detoxes aren’t necessary for good health. If I want to clean my innards, I just drink more water. Plus, I’m not smart enough to figure out the best way to do any other kind of self-detox. The idea of sweating it out or sucking it in, up or out holds no appeal either. If that’s your thing, fine; but it isn’t mine.

There is one kind of detox that you will find me doing, and springtime is the perfect time to think of these things to detox. I’m talking about a personal life detox or cleanse. You can improve things a lot by detoxing the tangible as well as the spiritual components of your activities that aren’t working any longer or are causing you more pain than pleasure.

Here are a few items that might warrant cleaning up or out:

~Timeline – now that the world is beginning to open a little, are you rushing around trying to get a cabillion things done, all at once? Slow down. Enjoy doing as well as the end result of all that you are trying to accomplish.

~Posts – what do your social media posts say about you? When was the last time you reviewed what they said? I joined Facebook over 11 years ago. I’m a different person today. I remember one picture in particular of me holding two ripe melons from the garden against my body in just the right location. Funny then, embarrassing now.

~Your ride – are their empty soda cans and food wrappers floating around on the floor of your car or used Kleenex or old store receipts that fly out the car door on a windy day? Keep your car clean. Show it that you value its services by maintaining it in a tidy condition.

~Wallet — like your car, keep it neat and tidy. Get rid of business cards, receipts, and other stubs, etc., that no longer need to be there. Keep your paper money in groups so you know how many of each denomination you have. I’ve always believed money won’t flow in to a messy space.

~Phone – how long has it been since you deleted the 10+ pics of the exact same thing for a 100 different subjects over the last year or so? Then there are all those incoming, outgoing, unsolicited calls and texts. I guarantee there’s more on your phone than you realize, and it’s getting heavier (and less productive and more sluggish) by the day.

~House – this includes all the cleaning that is above and beyond the usual weekly, maintenance stuff, including under the counters, the insides of closets and cupboards, your microwave, the garage, the shed in the back and all patio and/or deck areas. There’s probably an inch of dust on top of the books inside your bookcases. Don’t forget the lampshades, tops of pictures on the wall, and window blinds.

Lastly …

~Your mind ~ I can’t begin to tell you here what needs to be cleansed or detoxed from your mind. My purpose is only to suggest that you look around in ye old noggin and see if there are things that bog you down, that have yet to be dealt with, and that you can let go of.

These are my suggestions of the best use of detoxes and cleanses during this spring season. And, if you just read this and do nothing, well, that’s okay too.