Dexter’s Lesson to Share

Who doesn’t love a story of overcoming adversity, of beating the odds, or of turning lemons into lemonade? Dexter’s story represents the best outcome possible when the facts proclaim his success a certain impossibility.

Do you know about Dexter and his spirit? His experience has been about less thinking and more doing.

You think you can’t do something? Haven’t tried to do it because you’re afraid? Let Dexter remind you of strength, perseverance, and resilience … of never giving up.

Click here to see Dexter’s sweet story plus a couple of videos that will show you immediately the challenges he has faced.

What came to mind immediately when I saw this incredible pet was how easily he adapted to his circumstances. No complaining, no giving up or staying stuck. He saw what he had to do, and he did it.

Why aren’t we out there doing what we want? Are our reasons (excuses) legitimate?

Why aren’t you writing that book?
Why haven’t you lost the weight?
Why haven’t you expanded your circle of friends to ward off loneliness?
Why haven’t you apologized, learned, forgiven, or created?
Why, why, why?

Dexter got a get-well card from a woman who said, “I am recovering from intensive radiation treatments for breast cancer, and you certainly bring joy to my day.” We can see ourselves in him. He shows us that obstacles don’t always knock us down. He has shown us that we too can stand tall and overcome anything we put our minds to. Where we humans see a roadblock, animals sometimes beg to differ. Sometimes getting knocked down is the only way to finally accept the challenge and get on with life.

Dexter’s lesson to share, which transcends the obvious animal/human difference, is to never give up. There’s a good chance that if Dexter can turn his unfortunate situation into something doable, so can we.