Ever Too Much Love? – Guest Blog by Margaret Stortz

We could ask… Can there ever be too much love brought to a heart that is broken because of loss… or too many tears shed because of the absolute joy of lives shared… or too many poppies blowing in a vast, open field?  A little contemplation of these questions might lead us to say no, absolutely not, and I would agree.  Whoever, wherever and however it appears, there can never be too much love anywhere at any time.  Even if there seems to be no one and nothing to receive it, love is always welcome.  It brings an atmosphere that heals and reveals wherever it is found.  And it is never, not ever, wasted, for love is precious for its sake alone.

 A quiet gift…          

In a vigorously material world, there may not seem to be many times and places for love to stand forth, but if we believe this, we would be wrong.  Love can stand in a corner as unobtrusively as possible, with no hush nor light around it, and it will manage to steal through the room, bringing a quiet gift that nothing else can bring.

Love in its allness…          

Once we have lived a few years, we discover, whether we intend to or not, that there is no object, no viewpoint, no inner sense, no feeling that can begin to override love, for love in its allness simply is… and there is nothing we can do to dissolve or remove it wherever it may be found.

Too much love?  

We might as well give up the resistances and let it have its way!


This lovely post first appeared in Margaret’s Essays on Everything on 8/3/21.
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