What I Love About Fall

          I wonder if what I love about fall, you love about fall. I’m not a big summer fan with all that inescapable heat (read ‘no air conditioning’), so on those first few mornings when I step out into the cool morning air that whispers a change is imminent, my heart quickens.

           See if the five things I love about fall are what you love:

          1. Crisp mornings and cool evenings

          2. Mother Nature’s most spectacular display

          3. Kids heading back to school and a less crowded routine is re-
                    established in the community

          4. New television programs I’ve been waiting all summer for finally
                    arrive. The big networks put their programming backsides into
                    shows that start in Sept and Oct.

           5. I begin looking forward to holiday activities with family and friends

What I Don’t Love About Fall

           At the same time, as fall signals some pending changes, I begin to steel myself. The following is my list of five things I don’t love about fall:

           1. Holiday preparation stress – planning, shopping, cooking, wrapping

           2. Too much food and drink and not enough exercise

           3. Having to stay indoors more

           4. All those holiday activities with family and friends (see #5 above in
                    my list of what I love about fall)

           5. Generally more colds, flu, and a myriad of other ailments

What to Do     

           Can you relate to this love/hate dilemma? Do you also experience the diversity of all fall brings in both fun and not so fun events and activities? I wish I could give you some concrete ideas for things to do to avoid the not-so-fun parts of what comes before winter and the new year. For myself, I know if I’m wanting to stay grounded enough, I just will. I will seek out less stressful situations, I will go to my spiritual home to absorb the soul sustaining elixir that keeps me sane, and I will surround myself with people who love me unconditionally, even when I’m not successful. It’s generally not an all or nothing proposition. I do well part of the time and fall down and have to regroup another part of the time. Such is life!

           The best advice I can give you, dear reader, is not to throw over your well-established habits: exercise, get plenty of rest, meditate, make the best food choices you are able to at any given moment and find quality time for yourself to rejuvenate so you can be there for the kids, spouse, friends and family members. Do the best you can.

           Good luck! I hope we’re both successful!

 Fall veggies at the farmers’ market.
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