When something goes wrong, get over it.

          When disappointment pays a massive visit, get over it.

          When emotional hurt becomes a burden upon your spirit,     
                   get over it.
          The bitterness from these situations takes root and will keep problems in your subconscious unless you get over them.
          Do you want to know what hanging on to grief, anger, stress, anxiety and general negativity REALLY does:  it kills you…. physically, emotionally and spiritually. That may sound harsh, but I truly believe it. I can just feel the life being sucked out of me when I’ve clung to something negative for well past it’s “Use By” date.

          Getting over it means really releasing all the power something – usually negative – has over you. Getting over it means moving on to the next great fun, creative, challenging, inspiring, motivating, uplifting and joyous thing life has just for you.

     I love to be reminded of what we can learn from our pets. I never see Kali (my beloved tri-pod kitty) hanging on to terror (like when a plastic bag accidently chased her because it was stuck to her one good back leg) or disappointment (“No snacks right now, missy.”). I can recall more than once when I’ve come waltzing around the corner only to smash her precious little face with my big foot. She darts off in fear and confusion but will return moments later, when I’m sitting down, for a love fest petting session. I may be anthropomorphizing just a tad but, the point is, she gets over it. It obviously does help that she’s not as highly evolved as her mom. Despite their lack of higher education, I still think we can learn from our pets’ actions.

          So, the next time:

     –          Someone cuts in front of you in traffic or
     –          Forgets to do something you asked them to do or
     –          Doesn’t invite you to the party, dinner, or other event 
     –          When your partner hurts your feelings or
     –          When you fail … at anything or
     –          Act harshly to yourself or others or
     –          If you relapse back into bad behavior

…and do yourself a favor…GET OVER IT and move on to goodness.

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