Happy 7th Anniversary

Today The Joy of Aging Gratefully is celebrating its seventh year in existence. Congratulations!

I’m so proud of this little space where a lot of me, my personal ups and downs, my fears, joys, and desires reside. I’ve shared my strides forward in growth and those when I’ve failed and gone backwards. Through it all, the supportive comments and love I’ve felt from readers has been overwhelming.

Elders in our country – and all over, I imagine – are changing. We are more independent, more able to clearly state what we want and need to enjoy the final chapters of our lives. I’m proud of us as a group. I’m proud that we’re not afraid to speak up, not only for our rights and needs but for those who can’t speak for themselves.

These feel like difficult times but, in actuality, they’re no different than any other time when our country and other nations around the world struggled with right and wrong, with “for one” versus “for all,” and with making the world sustainable for generations to come. It looks scary out there, and it is, especially for those of us with not all the time to see it get straightened out again.

In spite of our fears and personal difficulties, I’ve never met a more resilient group of people. I’ve said it a cabillion times:  we are the role models for those coming behind us, and we’re doing a great job to carve out our part in history. We will do the best with what we have.

Finally, at JOAG I’ve tried to present subjects that would appeal to the senior community. I’ve tried to bring to light new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new approaches to old problems. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about you. My desire going forward is that you feel some of what I feel:  these just might be some of the best years of our lives.