Valentine’s Day is day after tomorrow. I wish you could feel the huge pause after I type that first sentence. I fear my point of view isn’t going to be a popular one. In the spirit of full disclosure, however, I am obligated to not side-step the issue and to share my feelings about this most romantic of holidays.

          I can’t get too excited about Valentine’s Day. Perhaps this is because I’ve been conditioned by 24 years of being with an accountant who needed that day like all the days between Jan 1 and April 15 to get taxes done. Sure, we’d exchange a card but would do little else to celebrate our love. And that was okay with me.

          When I was younger, in my 20’s and 30’s, Valentine’s Day was huge, a true measure of my femininity and appeal. As I matured, I saw that a loving relationship is celebrated every day by doing little things, saying loving supportive words, by being there for the other person through the bad and the good. Chuck and I weren’t always successful at being the most loving toward each other but we tried, each in our own way. It wasn’t any expensive dinners, flowers or other gifts that spoke of our love, but the fact that we made it work in our own way until he passed away. Ironically, the last words we spoke to each other were “I love you.” Overall, I believe we could look back and agree that we celebrated our love the majority of the time in the best way we knew.

          I’ve never begrudged others spending time and money and splurging on Valentine’s Day…a new piece of expensive jewelry or a trip or perhaps just a simple construction paper cut-out card. Whatever it is that works best is what should be done.

          Regardless of how Valentine’s Day unfolds for you, whether you see the day itself as special or just like any other day, there are people and friends and pets who will luxuriate in your love and attention. Enjoy them, celebrate them and don’t wait until day after tomorrow to do so.