I’m Too Old For This!

Had enough? Tossing in the towel? I get it; sometimes this whole aging thing is just too much!

Growing old can be a challenge. There is a lot that is annoying and sometimes even terrible about aging, including the less sturdy body and the unreliable memory.

Over the years I’ve been complaining about a mouth full of rickety teeth, the need to get a walker because of bad knees, and how my memory needs triple-checking due to increasing unreliability. I’ve even shared about my numerous age-induced nocturnal trips to the bathroom.

But no more! I’ve had enough of my own attitude!

It’s time to turn things around and change my approach to getting older. The physical aspects will carry on, but I can shift the thinking that has me frustrated.

I’m old enough now to make bolder statements about what I’m willing to do and not do so that the expectations of others will be disarmed. I am willing to give up things that I’ve struggled with for years … and adopt a few new approaches.

It’s time to stop:

~not accepting my less-than-perfect body shape
~trying to convince others of … well, of just about anything! They can make up their own minds!
~being uncomfortable in the name of fashion and trying to look younger
~comparing myself to others who I think are smarter, prettier, or more intelligent
~complaining, arguing, gossiping
~trying to keep people from cutting in front of me — either in line or on the roadway
~wasting time, longing for something other than ….
~hanging with people who are toxic and whose lives are defined by drama

It’s time to start:

~celebrating the health I have
~looking to myself more for secret surprises that thrill me
~letting go of that which does not serve me, be it physical or emotional
~working less and appreciating the simpler things in life
~discarding those friendships that are long past their expiration date
~letting change happen without resistance
~finding joy, big or small, in every single day I have

During these last years, I want to say goodbye to all those things that hold me back from truly enjoying my time. How liberating this change can be … for all of us!

What are you too old for?