In The Know – October

If you’re like me, music from your younger days always lifts your spirits and takes you out of the everyday hum drum to a place that makes you smile. This article takes a look at how YouTube can bring a lot of no-cost, no-calorie, no-guilt pleasure to your days.  

This 100-year-old athlete, Don Pellman, is still breaking records. He is truly inspirational to me … especially on those days when every joint in my body aches. Check him out here.

It’s humor, not politics. Cute article about how people are posting pics of their cats and other pets that look like Trump and other candidates. Cute! 

Leave it to the New Zealanders’ to create a fashion-forward line of incontinence lingerie. Find out more about this underwear here

A recent study showed for older adults the more you exercise the better shape your body will be. However, this was not true for your mind as well. Whether you exercise 75 mins a week or 225 mins, the test participants scored nearly the same in cognitive tests. Read more here.

Money is a huge issue for retirees, especially women retirees. This article presents 10 tips for retired women on fixed incomes. 

With the recent passing of Oliver Sacks’ I reread his delightful piece on aging gracefully in the New York Times. It’s definitely worth reading!

Did you see it? Why is it that old people being affectionate is such an event? I don’t know, but I thought “awwww” when I saw it too. Watch here.

And finally, while we’re speaking about affection, here’s an interesting article about why sex scenes for the over-60 crowd are rarely shown in film. What do you think

October Birthdays:

Roger Moore, 87 on the 14th
Angela Lansbury, 89 on the 16th
Catherine Deneuve, 71 on the 22nd
Chi Chi Rodriquez, 79 on the 23rd
Nanette Fabray, 97 on the 27th
Dan Rather, 83 on the 31st

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