What you put out as the experience of your life is what you’ve put in to create that experience. If you’re putting in rich experiences through reading, music, delicious and healthy food, and satisfying interactions with others, you’ll get those things in return. Not every time and not always the best, but most of the time. And it’s worth a positive focus to create a positive return.

If you want to be a writer, you have to first be a reader. If you want to be a smart and respected speaker, you have to see the whole picture and foster relationships with those you admire and respect, be they newscasters, politicians, clergy, or neighbors.

Ideas spread, both good and bad. Unfettered, information seeps from our thoughts to our actions. If we feel negative and pessimistic about the world, then we put forth only the negative and pessimistic, half-empty approach. Make sure your input sources are true and correct, no guessing, no half-truths, no fake news.

Pay attention to how much output you’re creating. In order to be good at your output, it’s required that you welcome double or triple the amount of input. Listen three times as much as you speak. Take a look at the filter you use both on what you let in and what you put out. Take a risk and ask someone you trust how you come across in the world.

We spend so much time mulling over what is put in front of us. People putting stuff in front of us want us to think and believe a certain way.  This isn’t always the best use of our time if we’re not selective in our input.

Do you stop to question everything that’s put forth, even when it’s something from ‘our way’ of thinking? Do your own research to find answers to that which interests you. Researching the good input isn’t difficult; it means finding out who consistently tells the truth in all things, in all ways.

By the way, if you notice people keeping their distance, not including you in their activities, if you are always the one seeking out time with others, it might be because of what you’re putting forth. Do you exude confidence and calmness, fairness, and no drama? We want to spend time with other seniors who are uplifting and nonjudgmental and who put out joy and the richness that life offers.

Let what comes in and what you put out to truly reflect who you are.