Let’s Have Fun

What do you do for fun? Do you watch or participate in sports? Do you garden or play cards or dance? I like to read, play with my cat, go to movies and spend time in nature.

Despite there being a ton of activities for seniors, we tend to forget that there is more to having fun than just watching TV, playing bingo or solitaire, and surfing the Web.

Let this post serve as a reminder to consider expanding your realm of fun activities.

A friend of mine recently moved into a senior complex where a wide array of activities are organized daily for the entertainment of the residents. These activities focused on having fun, exploring and learning and, in general, living life to the fullest. But I don’t live in a complex where interesting activities are organized for me. I have to do research and look for what might appeal to me.

Here are some ideas for fun and interesting activities you might not have considered. Almost all of these can be found at senior centers within your community. Not only are they set up specifically for senior citizens, but they typically cost little to nothing.

~ Writing programs, to help you record family history and anecdotes you want to keep alive.

~ Dancing, especially popular for seniors who want to keep in shape.

~ Field trips, relieving you of the hassle of driving and parking at crowded venues.

~ Fitness classes specifically designed for seniors, keeping you in good shape (more fun when done with others).

~ Virtual sports via a Wii video game system. Never bowled or don’t think you can physically? This is a good way to have the experience without having to rent the shoes!

~ Games,  from pinochle to canasta and bridge sharpening your mind while enjoying the company of others.

~ Learn to play an instrument … did you learn to play something as a child? Pick it up again or start anew. Gerontologists have long argued that interaction with others is an important aspect of good health for senior citizens, and taking part in a music program, whether a band, chorus or orchestra, is an easy way to meet people, make new friends and socialize.

There are plenty more top-notch experiences to be had on the Internet to keep your mind challenged. All you have to do is Google “cognitive games for seniors.” Both paid and free options are available. I play a free game or two online every morning to wake me up while I have my coffee. I always feel my mind is firing on all cylinders at the end of play.

No matter what you do for fun, there’s more out there than you’ll ever know. Ask your friends what they do for laughs. They might even invite you to join them in their activities!