Making the Most of It

If you could write a book about how to thrive in an uncertain world, it’d be a best seller for sure. But, even with such a primer, there’d be no words written by another that could exactly pertain to your life, your exact needs, your hopes and dreams, and how to best make the most of your remaining years.

So, so much has been said about the awfulness of 2020 that apparently is continuing a little into 2021, but we made it; changed, yes, but still here. There’s no doubt we made the best of all the fear and derision and uncertainty. Most of us have not recovered yet; it’ll be a while. I’m sure.

Look at us now:  we’ve learned how to keep ourselves and those we love safe and healthy. We’ve learned how much news we can take in and assimilate and then back off when the negativity is overwhelming. We’ve learned that the best ways to feel better is to help someone else  feel better.

We’ve learned so much. We’ve learned about ourselves and about the world. It’s been disappointing to see we’re not further long in terms of equality; this has been a big disappointment to me and a definite eye-opener I needed to experience.

Personally, right before the pandemic had begun, I had lost sixty pounds and been proud and feeling great. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, I have regained all those pounds, and that is very disappointing for me. I don’t feel well emotionally and physically. Eventually, I’ll get back on track, but I’m not there yet.

In spite of the disappointments, we have learned how to make the most of any situation. We’ve experienced forgiveness and grace right along with grief and growth. I think, in general, we – and especially us elders – deserve a nice pat on the back for how we’ve persevered. Good going, gang!

It’s true, we don’t know about the future or where we’ll go or when we’ll go. I think the key in the interim is to keep busy with what we love doing. If you don’t know what it is that you love, start looking around. It helps to have something to be focused on that doesn’t involve anything in the news or anything that is costly or difficult to access. As my fellow blogger, Austin Kleon said, “Make your mind clear and your hands busy.”

The only way to beat the less fun, unrewarding, or disappointing times is to make the most of the present. We can build some wonderful memories and some outstanding connections between now and whatever time it is in the future where we are freer in our world.