Moving to a Better Place

Sometimes an early morning meditation will do it.

Sometimes it takes several videos of small children cuddling with animals or LOLing their little butts off.

Sometimes it takes an apple fritter … (ugh!).

Sometimes two rom-coms in a row are required.

Sometimes it takes prayer.

Sometimes spending a good long time in nature with all the visuals and sound effects works well.

Sometimes it takes a little retail therapy … a tiny amount, Antonia, like $5 or less!

Sometimes it takes photos of the past with fond memories of how it was then.

Sometimes it takes focusing on the now and not looking at photos or recalling memories of the past that have little meaning to my life today or that trigger unpleasant memories.

Sometimes it takes an afternoon nap … or a late morning nap. On the rare occasion it takes two naps in a day.

Sometimes it takes letting gratitude for all I have fill my heart and soul.


It never takes giving up or acting out or being pissed at others because of how I feel about the world at large.

It never takes going inward so far that it takes an emotional crowbar to dislodge my state of mind.


It always takes friends and a sense of self to right the boat.

It always requires me to start right where I am; I don’t need to be thinner, smarter, or younger to begin.

It always means staying open in my heart and mind.

And it always takes just moving on.


I bet you have a few ‘sometimes,’ ‘never,’ or ‘always’ of your own.

Move on to your best place, my friends.

We can do this!