Never Thought I’d See the Day When …

When I reflect on the past seventy years, there are things I never thought I would experience. I couldn’t imagine, for instance, that writing would bring a depth of pleasure and fulfillment that satisfies my creativity.

Here are twenty other things I never thought I’d see happen:

-I’d have to start shaving again just to buff off those flaky skin bumps

-ANY and EVERY Beatles song would bring me to tears

-I’d seriously think about having my groceries delivered

-I’d forego putting up a Christmas tree

-I’d get up at 5 a.m. and, every once in awhile, return to bed at 8 a.m. for a nap

-sex would lose its ranking as one of the top ten fun activities of my life

-I’d have to drink a glass of milk to help keep heartburn at bay when I have an alcoholic drink

-I’d need to DVR every single TV show that comes on after 10 p.m. because there’s no way in heck I’m still awake at that hour

-I’d take the elevator instead of the stairs to ascend only one flight

-upon entering any gathering, I’d look for somewhere to sit before searching the crowd for any of my friends

-I’d plug in the heating pad before turning on my computer when I get up in the morning

-my cat, Kali, would get more exercise than I do

-my life would be drastically characterized by change (but, hey, whose isn’t!)

-I’d spend some days, all day long, in my bathrobe

-I’d keep a permanent escape bag prepared and ready to evacuate should a natural disaster occur (this on the heals of earthquakes and fires I’ve lived through recently)

-I’d let the phone ring and ring without even being curious about who it might be (probably robo calls)

-I’d follow my heart instead of the in crowd to determine who my friends and acquaintances are

-I’d wait to borrow a book at the library instead of buying it instantly at the bookstore

-I’d give away things, nice things, because I never used them

-I’d keep my mouth shut even when I knew the answer or the right way to do something

All these things are a part of my being older. And, while it’s easy to complain and gripe about the peskier of these happenings, I wouldn’t change anything for the alternative … if you get my drift.

Oh, and I forgot. Here is one deliriously wonderful happening that I couldn’t fathom for my old age:

-being retired would be as wonderful – even on crappy days – as it’s turned out to be.

So, that’s twenty-one of the unexpected happenings in my later life. What about you? Tell me things that happened to you that you never expected.