New Years 2021

All year long, 2020 has been billed as the worst year ever! No one can recall a more horrid time in terms of world discord, political upheaval, division of Americans and their antics relative to that division, and an epic health threat that, to date, has left our nation minus more than 335,000 citizens, young and old. Phew!

We’re all super excited about welcoming the clean slate of 2021 and all the positives that will surely encompass. We’re anxious to let go of the scourge of the horrible things that have occurred in the past 12+ months and want to open up to all the improvements and positivity that will be coming in 2021. From new/different leadership to vaccines and a realignment of values and what’s important to our world are being touted as new events forthcoming in the new year.

The So-So News

You know, of course, there is no magic bullet or no 2021 shift-shaper that appears at 12:01 on New Years Day to miraculously change everything for the better. I can hear the collective groan: Oh, don’t be a buzzkill, Antonia.

It’s true.

We could easily be setting ourselves up for some serious disappointment if we believe everything that’s bad will be good and everything that needs enhancing will immediately improve during the first month of the new year.

The Good News

The absolute only thing you will most assuredly have control over in the New Year is yourself. Isn’t that great news?! That’s where the excitement will begin. That’s where the changes, big and small, will take root and begin to flourish. If for a moment you think but I’m too old to make changes, then shoot yourself in the other foot and get back in bed!

Let’s not sit around and wait to measure each and every event against the horrible ones last year. Taking such a tally does nothing to improve your life. Let your actions and the feelings that result from those actions determine if it’s a good year or not.

We have lots of power to make sure 2021 is a good year. Doing for others is one of the best ways to create happiness for yourself as well as those in need. That’s a good place to start. I’m sure you can think of many other ways to enhance 2021.

We’ve given joy over to the hands of others; take it back.

Have a wonderful 2021. I’m positive you can make that happen … regardless of those things beyond your control!