Chances are if you read blogs, you’re a reader of other stuff and perhaps you’re also a writer. Today in my brief moment with you I’m sharing some opportunities to think differently about the stories and novels you read.

          As some of you know, I’m a big fan of flash fiction, stories or memories usually 500 words or less. But there are some outstanding stories told in much fewer words. My iPhone stories (see tab above) with words and pictures come from trying to convey the biggest story with few words. The shortest stories I’ve read were only six words, yes only six. That’s a challenge to write a complete story in only six words. Think you could do it?

          Here are some examples of six word stories:

                     Buried in a steel casket. Immortal. – Gen
                     Two wives, one funeral, no tears. – Desrio
                     For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn. – Ernest      

           On Twitter you can post your six word stories at:

           Here are some 12 word stories:

           Over time, watered by the tears of war, lasting
                     peace eventually blossomed. — Lisa HW
            Ivy launched its assault: climbing, reaching, and
                     photosynthesizing. Triumph! Fence is        
                     invisible. — Heuchera
           A man walking in the desert diving into a mirage
                     visits China. — Joyce R.

           Listed below are websites that share stories written in six, 12, 50 and 100 words. There are lots more websites out there. Check them out. I think they’re fascinating.

          6 words:

          12 words:
          50 words:

          100 words: