On Optimism – Guest Blog by Dr. Margaret Stortz

Currently we are watching ourselves being subjected to perhaps the most purposely divisive politics ever at the national level. We are seeing our domestic institutions threatened and our reputation as a “shining city on a hill” sullied and diminished. Instead of naturally finding ways to come together, we are instead seeing push back among our various and diverse groups. Our country is not being looked upon as the great nation that inspires hope around the world. According to the media, Germany is, and some of us even find ourselves ashamed to be Americans at the moment.

Loss of confidence…

There is a terrible cynicism that can build up within us if we are not careful, the loss of confidence in ourselves as people who can bring our good into life. Nothing could be more of a mistake than to let a collective dismay and a “who cares” attitude overtake us as individuals and as a people. There is a natural optimism to be found in a free people that we must never lose to a “giving-up” mentality, and perhaps we might be reminded of this again as we look into the faces of those who have come to our shores from other countries. I know whereof I speak because my husband, the finest patriot I know, came from another land years ago.

The “can do” attitude…

Last time I looked we were still the land of the free and the home of the brave. What lights my days right now is the flickering of the “can do” attitude of American women as many are running for public office at every level of government in numbers never before seen! No cynicism here, and none wanted! Let’s get on with things!




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This post appeared in her 1/23/18 Essays on Everything blog.