Outer Conflict, Inner Calm

Does the world around you feel chaotic and confusing? Are you afraid to watch the news because it’s so depressing? Do all your conversations with friends and family focus on the negative aspects of life these days? The answer is ‘yes’ for many seniors who are struggling to create a calmness and enjoyment of our remaining years.

Good news!

There is a way to keep negativity and chaos at bay, to keep the focus on the goodness that exists for all of us, and to celebrate with gratitude the bounty of our lives regardless of what’s happening ‘out there.’ Being able to internalize a peacefulness keeps your blood pressure in check and your relationships out of the red zone.

Do You Find Yourself:

~launching into conversations that showcase your expertise and grasp of the complexity of world events including COVID, the war in Ukraine, and who will run for office where and when?
~sharing all your perceived knowledge about these negative news subjects whenever a group of your friends or family congregate, thus proving your expertise and skill of being knowledgeable and vital?
~avoiding all social and family gatherings where possible conversations about negative or stressful subjects will be discussed?
~diving into the cookie jar (or vodka bottle or shopping online) because of your lack of vitality and ability to cope with the world around us?

Creating inner calm in the sea of conflict and upset takes a little work on your part but it’s worth it. If you invest in the best ways for you (and just you!) to stay in a place of calm, you’ll find life more enjoyable and rewarding.

Some Suggestions for Keeping Your Calm Inner Core:

~surround yourself with smart, upbeat people. One way to do this is to be smart and upbeat with those around you.
~have a timed freak-out convo with a few friends, allowing each person 3 or 5 mins to share, uninterrupted, their concerns, fears, and  what keeps them up at night
~plan for the worst case scenario of what you fear the most and then let go of that fear
~alone or in a group of your friends create a manifesto of how you currently stay positive and how you will try to stay positive in the future
~divert your thinking with constructive activities, like doing for others, when that thinking isn’t helpful to your well-being
~Don’t be too hard on yourself when you let world worries get the better of you, thus resulting in setbacks to maintaining your inner calm
~Remember there is no one right way to stay out of the fray of politics and bad behavior of those beyond your control
~Identify what you CAN do to help like vote, volunteer, teach, and listen.

What do you do to keep conflict at bay while remaining calm inside?
Remember, it’s our point of view, our perception, and our success in remaining calm that determine our world and the life we lead.