Personal Freedom

Three months ago I visited a medium, which I’m not normally in the habit of doing.

I neither believe nor disbelieve in an individual’s power to know about me or my family members who are living or who have passed on. I was, however, open to the experience, without feeling the need to test this medium or her knowledge of me.

But this post isn’t about mediums. Today I’m sharing about acquiring a personal freedom I never dreamed possible, especially at this late stage in my life.

It Has to Do With My Mother

As most of you know, the relationship with my mother was strained at best and devastatingly destructive at worst throughout my childhood.

Even though, for the most part, I got beyond this difficult relationship, I was surprised to experience a sense of relief and even joy when my mother passed nearly seventeen years ago. No longer would my life be clouded by this hyper-critical and negative person.

Lots of my friends warned me that while I’d initially be relieved of her being gone, I’d eventually succumb to overwhelming unhappiness at the unsatisfactory nature of our relationship. But they were wrong. Throughout the years I was quite content to not have my mother’s harshness and criticism in my life.

Not missing my mother changed three months ago.

A New Day with Personal Freedom Emerges

At the appointed time, the medium and I were just getting settled when she softly barked, “Oh! Your mother is here already and wants to connect with you right now!” Okkkkaaaaay, I thought, but remained silent.

“She wants to tell you that she finally gets it! She’s not apologizing exactly, because she was only doing what she was able to do at the time. Since she passed, she received a much clearer understanding of how awful it must have been for you. And she thanks you for hanging in there with her, for not just leaving.”

Well, you could have scraped me off the floor at this point. I was pretty blown away.

Lots more was discussed that day, including information from my dad and sister, both of whom have also passed away. The most significant and life-changing event that I took from that session with the medium was that I could forgive my mother and create a new relationship with her.


Because of a serendipitous meeting, the heavy veil of anger, fear and angst-filled memories was lifted. What was revealed was the bud of a new relationship with my mother.  She’s a different mother, and I’ve truly forgiven her.

As I carry her DNA, even the critical and negative part, she’s here to help me change myself so I don’t become like her. When I begin to act like she did, a vision of her is immediately available in my mind. She is smiling and mildly reproaching me in a loving way to not be like her.

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to reconstruct a better relationship with my mother. Yes, it would have been ideal if she’d gotten enlightened before she passed, and, yes, I would have been happier if I’d heard her say these important words from beyond the grave much sooner after she passed.

I’ve had a few months to bask in this newfound personal freedom. The significance of this event and what it means to my future has melded into my being.

Recently, when our country was celebrating its freedom from the mother land, I was beginning to celebrate a personal freedom I never thought would be possible in my life. What a priceless gift I have received.

The added lesson? Never lose hope.