Random Acts of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness Day was just this past February 17th. Even though I missed it, that doesn’t mean I can’t do something kind now or at any time. I like the randomness because it feels more spontaneous and heartfelt. I also really enjoy anonymity. When I first began routinely doing kind acts mostly for strangers (like leaving a larger than expected tip in a restaurant), I wasn’t anonymous. I waited around to see the expression on the waitperson’s face. And, while I hate to admit it, I wanted to see that they appreciated my generosity. It soon became obvious I was doing the kind or generous thing in the expectation of receiving kudos from the receiver.

Since then, I try my darndest to not be on the scene when the goodness is discovered. Another way I was able to be anonymous was to go to one of the stores with lay-a-way plans, especially during the holidays. I’d pay off an account that fit the amount I had to share, and the patron wouldn’t know about the fact or that it was me when they came to make a payment at the store. My random act of kindness is at its peak for me once I’ve done it, not when the receiver gets it. I don’t need to know the person or what their circumstances are. I don’t need to know that they needed or appreciated my act.

During current times when there is a struggle to find hope and gratitude for many, kindness and generosity can reinstate a sense of goodness for those who have been disillusioned and hurt by life’s hardships. In truth, however, you don’t need to be a victim of adversity to benefit from the kindness of others. Additionally, there is scientific research that shows performing random acts of kindness is good for your health too. Of course, anything that brings us lasting joy will calm us and help to reduce our blood pressure and relieve stress and anxiety.

Did you know there was a Random Act of Kindness Foundation? Click on this highlighted site here to see thousands of suggestions for ways to be a part of improving someone else’s life and, in the process, increase your own well-being. While you’re there be sure to check out their blog.

Finally, there isn’t a time that can’t be made better through your kindness and generosity. Your generosity can be of time, energy, and, yes, perhaps a little money, as well as your generosity of spirit. Everyone benefits.

What can you say or do today that would make someone else feel special and valued?