Spring Is Springing

Virus or not, spring arrives this coming Thursday, the 19th at 11:50 p.m. EDT. Without diminishing the global effects of the coronavirus, today’s post reminds us that life goes on for the vast majority, whether that’s finding some space outdoors or staying entertained in our homes. Hopefully, you’ll find something in these words to help survive and thrive in spite of the chaos. Please do any activities with current spatial restrictions in mind.

I don’t know about you but, if you haven’t already, it’s time to move it outdoors — perhaps just to our own back yards or patio areas.

When was the last time you had a handful of dirt? How about the last time you cut flowers for your kitchen table? I miss the sun warming my pasty-white arms and providing an ever-widening spot on the kitchen floor for Kali to soak it all up.

It was just three short weeks ago that I thought we’d never be able to open the sliders without bundling up in four layers of sweats in the house. While we have much-needed rain today, I’m poised to turn off the heater and not light the fireplace any day now. How delicious!

Spring is what we retired for! We’re so fortunate to have the time during the day to breathe fresh air – not during a break from our desks – but just whenever we want. Nothing like a little Vit D to renew the body.

Here are some other activities that help improve our cognitive function this spring as well as increase happiness:

~Movement:  even if you’re not ready to run a marathon, a leisurely walk around the block is a delightful shock to your system. Your body might even be craving this kind of activity.

~Enhance your mood:  did you know it’s a fact that not enough sun can dampen your mood and bring on depression? Clear out the cobwebs by letting the sunshine in.

~Cleaning:  it’s the proverbial spring cleaning that creates a more comfortable ambiance in the home. I’ll bet you find 1) that thing you spent all winter looking for or 2) that one or more items you can finally let go of to recycle, donate, or toss.

~Farmers’ Market:  This is a great place to see all the veggies and fruits that come out in spring in your area. And, on a more far-fetched but entertaining idea: Would you consider making an entire meal with only spring vegetables like asparagus, radishes, or strawberries? There are online resources to find spring cooking recipes. Remember, if your market is on hiatus now, it will be up and operational again … hopefully soon.

~Special Places to Visit:  Including the farmers’ market listed above, there are other local attractions that come alive in the spring like a river where you can fish, and, taking into consideration best social distancing health practices, your local garden and flower center that has ideas and sometimes instruction on growing and maintaining the best flowers and plants for the space you have available. While you’ll never catch me sitting on the ground, hopefully it’ll be safe enough to find a table at one of our scenic parks and share a portable potluck meal — if not now then as soon as we get the go-ahead from the authorities.

~Special purchases:  Is now the time to invest in a bird feeder? Do you have a place where bird watching could become a new hobby? A special purchase for me will be to invest this year in a rolling mesh cart that will allow me to purchase and tote multiple bags of groceries. I’ll leave the car at home and get good exercise at the same time. Look out for me crossing the street! Finally, I’m thinking of planting an herb garden. I’ll never use all that I can grow, but it should be easy to share some with friends.

I hope today’s post has given you some ideas and incentive to enjoy some fresh air. It’ll do great things for your body and your psyche. I’d love to hear what you are doing to enjoy spring in spite of the current health crisis.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, both near and far, spring will come. The blossoms are giving way to new greenery, and birds are looking for or creating new nests to help the continuation of their families. The sun, when it shines, is a little brighter and warmer. We can celebrate better times ahead but, for today, let’s celebrate the consistency of the renewing spring season.