Spring – The Season of Action!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere Spring 2018 arrived one week ago.

Ahhh, spring! New buds on lush plants and trees. Thoughts of gardens, warm sunlight on our pale bodies, and renewal in general, are upon us!

I love spring for many reasons, and one of the most delightful is that small window of time when neither the heater nor the air conditioner are required for comfortable living in my home.

For many, spring signals a call for cleaning. We’re all familiar with the ritual, and some live by that routine faithfully. Me not so much.

Recently I came across a delightful approach to spring cleaning by my friend, Dr. Chris Michaels, in his blog on the subject Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body and Spirit. His approach is all inclusive and focuses on a bigger picture than just cobwebs on the lawn furniture.

I share Chris’s list with you today:

  1. Go through your closet. Whatever doesn’t fit anymore you should donate or give to a friend. If I have not worn an item for 6-months I know I am not going to wear it and I let it go.
  2. Awaken your body! The winter slows us down. Get yourself moving again. Take a walk and enjoy the spring air. If you work in an office most of your week and don’t have many opportunities to get moving, Minute Movement, an online program of short videos and exercises, might be your solution.
  3. Make over your junk drawer.
  4. Have you washed your car lately? Clean out all the old receipts and paper coffee cups.
  5. Start planning your garden.
  6. Connect with a friend you may have lost touch with during hibernation.
  7. Wash your windows and think about being open to new ideas.
  8. You don’t have to participate in a cleanse to give your body a fresh start. Drink warm water and lemon. Or if you are feeling really adventurous try having green smoothies for breakfast for the week.
  9. Don’t forget about your online life. If you are anything like me you probably have files stored online. Spend an hour and go through and organize your digital life.
  10. Spring is the season of action. Spring is also a good time to revisit your finances too. Create a new budget or set new goals. There are many tools online now. Mint.com can help you set up your budget online for free. The website links to your bank accounts so you can automatically see where your money is going and if you are staying on track.



You can learn more about Dr. Chris Michaels and his wonderful approach to life any season of the year here.