It’s fun to get a glimpse of how majestically simple life can be. These ten spiritual life lessons have, over the years, helped me embrace this simplicity:

          1.   We are all one. Caring for and honoring    
                    others is caring for and honoring

          2.  Life’s most valuable lessons can be learned
                  from our pets — like unconditional love and
                  lack of ego. Observe them closely, and you will see
                  this is true. If they stumble and fall or if you ignore
                  their attempts to garner affection, they don’t walk
                  away all embarrassed or miffed. They just move to
                  the next thing in life.

          3.   Get in touch with yourself and listen to your inner   
                    dialogue. The reasons we’re feeling a certain way  
                    can be found inside ourselves, not in people or
                    things that surround us.

          4.   Learning to truly forgive ourselves and others will set us 

          5.   The value of friendship far outweighs material wealth.

          6.   To honestly listen with patience and interest to someone
is one of our greatest and most appreciated skills.

          7.   Good health is a precious possession. Treat yourself

          8.   Letting go of expectations will allow us to receive life’s 
                    greatest gifts. We can’t grab all the good if our hands
                    are all tied up in what good we think we should be

          9.   No one controls us; we are free to be and do all that is
                    possible. Don’t squander your talents.

         10.  Invite others to join your path to happiness by being
                    a joyous person we want to spend time with. A
                    negative attitude is mentally and physically exhausting  
                    and is off-putting.

          I’d love to hear your own set of lessons that have proved to keep your life moving forward in a simple and loving way.

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