Nine+ Things to Make Your Senior Moments Happier

Ten years ago I wrote about ten things that might make our senior years happier. You can read that post here. While every single one of those items holds true today, let’s update the list and add a few more things to improve your later years.

  1. Overcome your fear of technology – that doesn’t mean you have to become a tech geek to survive. Learn how to use and maintain those applications and gadgets that will assist and/or entertain you, like your phone or reader, tablet, or Smart TV. Let the rest of the ‘cool’ advertised things go.
  2. Strengthen friendships – when times are scary or complicated or frustrating, your friends are the main line of comfort, consolation, and support. Our friendships are our most valuable possession.
  3. Quit labeling everything as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ — things just are, regardless of how you feel about them. To label them is to insert more emotion than is often needed.
  4. Listen more than talk – jibber jabber is cheap. If someone wants your opinion, they’ll ask. Other than that, be known as a listener instead of a conversation filler.
  5. Embrace your invisibility – it can be delightful to skirt around the edges without fanfare and without getting all dolled up and without the pressure of being on or the star or the main attraction. Some really funny stuff is yours to observe and enjoy if you hang back and watch it go by.
  6. Do for others – feeling down or dejected? The best thing you can do to improve your well-being is to do for someone else. Look around, there’s lots to do for others, either friends, family, or total strangers.
  7. Don’t complain – complaining has become the universal language in social circles. Run the other way. Complaining does no one any good, ever. It doesn’t solve the problem and only annoys those who are trapped in your cycle of negativity.
  8. Don’t gossip – relationships 101: if you gossip about others, whomever you’re speaking to will instantly know you’re just as likely to gossip about them. It’s sort of like complaining: it does no good and only wastes time. If you’re gossiping because you’re bored check out some of the items above to get unstuck from boredom.
  9. Don’t overthink – Ruminating about something over and over prevents any kind of forward movement or resolution. You’re smart: look at the problem, devise your plan, and execute it. Then, it’s “Next!”

    +++And, finally, listen more than you talk. Oh, I said that one already? Yeah, that’s good because it’s that important!!