It is my pleasure to share an excerpt from Dr. Chris Michaels’ exciting and inspiring new book The Power of You.  I picked this passage right out of the middle and there’s a lot of juicy and insightful good stuff leading up to it, so check it out. ~ Antonia

          “Resentment is like a twelve-foot-high, electrified barbed-wire fence you put around yourself. You built it for good reasons. You’ve been hurt, abused or treated poorly, so you want to guard yourself. You’ve been a victim of some great injustice. There are many good reasons for you to be angry or to feel resentment. So to prevent your history from repeating itself, you build a fence. Next time, if anyone tries to hurt you they’ll get zapped, electrocuted and burned.
          There are a couple of problems with this strategy, however. First of all, because the fence is so high, no one can climb over it. You are trapped behind it. And in time, that becomes a very lonely place to be. Second, every good thing you dream of having in your life is on the other side of that fence…  The solution to your problems, the healing of your body is there, just on the other wide of the fence. But none of it can get to you.
          Here’s the ironic truth:  The resentments you hold in your mind for others do nothing to hurt them. They block the flow of good into yourlife. They keep good things from you and good people from entering your life. They prevent new opportunities from coming your way. Nothing good can get to you until you tear down the fence.”

Thank you, Dr. Michaels for your astute and reassuring words. Your book is filled with common sense wisdom.  ~ Antonia

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