1.  Be Here Now

          One of the most popular sayings of many centered people is “be here now.” This phrase is the title of the influential book by Ram Dass, published in 1971, where he talks about yoga, spirituality and meditation during his travels through India. 

          To me, this phrase has always meant focusing on what is before me and keeping my attention on that which is happening at the moment in order to bring more of the experience into my life. 

          Eating is a perfect example of being here now. I always get more out of an eating experience if I pay attention to how the food looks and smells and what it feels and tastes like in my mouth. Haven’t we all had meals where we can’t even remember having consumed it? What a waste of calories! 

          Every spontaneous senior citizen is capable of being here now.

2. Take Charge of Your Own Happiness

          Who better than you knows exactly the thing that will make you happy at any given moment? All the other stuff is like trying to tell someone the exact place to scratch an itch on your back: “to the left, now up a little, no, not there, to the other left, etc., etc.” It can be hit or miss. 

          Take a moment to tap into that thing that will move you from a negative space to a more positive, uplifting place. For me, it’s listening to a beautiful classical piece of music. It shifts me from angst quite swiftly into calm. Another thing for me is to pet my cat, Kali. The feel of her silken fur and how she leans into me evaporates any anger or frustration almost immediately.

          If you wait for others to make you happy, you’re a leaf in the wind with no direction of your own. You’re at the will of another who may not have your happiness on their agenda.

3.  Ommmmmmm

          Commit to being completely supportive of others, whether you agree with their choices or not. This can be a huge challenge

when what others may be doing, you’re just sure, is not in their best interest. Sometimes being supportive means just listening. Avoid all vitriolic behavior that says, “I’m not on your side.” If you feel this way, keep it to yourself. What good does it do to share it anyway?

          Lots of my friends say they just can’t stand by and watch someone do harm to themselves. It is my belief, however, that change never comes from others berating us or constantly pointing out the error of our ways. The old axiom “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink” is true. Sometimes the best you can do is to be there if they fall.

          These three ways to be a spontaneous and supremely satisfied senior citizen are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of ways. What are yours?

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