Vignettes in Aging – Energy

Radio waves create energy. Light waves create energy. Vibrations of these waves allows us to see and hear. Is there any doubt that the energy in our thoughts creates our reality?

Our thoughts or brain waves invisibly exist in the universe as energy waves in the same manner as light and radio waves. Many scientists and philosophers including Einstein know that matter comes out of energy. In this way, our consciousness creates the world we live in.

Stop and take a moment to listen to the message in the loop of your thoughts. Is it “I’m fat, I need to lose weight fast! No one will ever love me.”? Or, what about, “I am not smart enough to get in that school.”? Perhaps your thoughts are placed, for the most part, on your positive position in this world:  “I am loved. I contribute things of value. I am enough.”

The world’s default setting is doom and gloom and negative messages everywhere. Read the paper, watch the news. You know this is true.

It takes work to keep your energy positive. It takes practice to see the good in life now. It takes focus to not let anyone or anything else detract from your greatness. Watch the energy of your consciousness become your reality.

Make a commitment to construct the positive vibrations of your life for the benefit of yourself and all those around you. Live your truth. Take conscious control. Be a role model.