Vignettes in Aging – Heart

Your heart rests at the core of how you are feeling emotionally. It oversees and directs actions in your body that respond to your emotions. Happiness, which is often equated with what you’re feeling in your heart, includes not only love but overall contentment and well-being.

In addition to its association with love, the heart is a powerful talisman of compassion, forgiveness, remembering, contentedness, and companionship. Sometimes, it’s easy for me to get stuck in my head and totally ignore what my heart is feeling about any given situation.

Take a moment to connect with what you are feeling in your heart. Is it open? Do you feel at peace in your heart with the way your day has gone? Your week or year? Ever have one of those indescribable feelings of dissatisfaction or discontent? Your heart is at the core of those feelings.

We can learn so much about our state of well-being by listening to our hearts. If you listen carefully, you will be aligned with its state of happiness. Visualize your heart in your chest. Now visualize it opening to express its feelings. Pay attention to the message your heart gives you about the life you are currently living.