Vignettes in Aging – Perfection

The white is the purest of white; the love is the deepest possible felt; the scenery before us is the most beautiful or tranquil possible, etc., etc. We’ve all had perfect moments in life – lots of them, but when and where did we get the message that always hoping everything will be perfect is desirable.

While perfection is a romantic idea in terms of how wonderful people and things are in this world, it’s fairly unrealistic. The dangers of comparing your stuff with some idealized version of what is the best, creates the sense that anything less makes us unhappy.

Always seeking perfection takes us out of the wonderfulness of the now. Does everything have to be perfect in order for us to appreciate, be grateful for, or be contented? What’s the fun in being completely without fault or defect?

Some of the most humorous and endearing moments in our lives come about through our lack of perfection. Our little mistakes and personality foibles communicate an approachableness.

Where do you seek perfection in your life? Does always needing everything to be just so take you away from enjoying things as they are? It never hurts to do the best we can but, when we don’t, are you able to still have fun and enjoy your life? Remember, the universe views you as perfect just as you are, imperfections and all.