Vignettes in Aging – Abundance

Cold hard cash, money in the bank or stashed in a box behind some books, a large brokerage account, an expensive car, an expansive and palatial home.

Oh, abundance is much more than that!

Abundance extends well beyond the physical. Abundance of wit, empathy and love are all examples of ways abundance shows up. Pessimism, however, keeps abundance at bay for many people all around the globe. Nothing creates want more urgently than the media that bombards us with massive messages of there not being enough out there for everyone. Want comes from feeling there isn’t enough for me.

There is enough. There is enough clean water, satisfactory housing, sufficient health care and loving partners to go around. Rather than focus on lack, the focus needs to be on getting the resources to the places they are needed. Today’s technology aids in making an abundance in the world.

It is said that providing abundance is humanity’s greatest challenge. Shouldn’t it be said, however, that this challenge is ours personally rather than humanity’s? If I am feeling abundance in my life, but others are not, then want and lack still exist.

Abundance is a personal manifesto. Creating our own abundance with things and feelings that resonate with us personally can spread the ripples of prosperity at a more intimate level.

What is your relationship to abundance? Is there room in your world to create more for yourself and for others?