Vignettes in Aging – Arigatou gozaimasu

Gracias. Merci. do jeh, daw-dyeh. Grazie. Danke sehr.

Thank you!

We learned as small children to say these words when something was done for us or when someone gave us something. We acknowledged their acts by speaking these words of appreciation.

How many times have you received something from someone without so much as briefly glancing at the giver? What about the waitress in the restaurant? The cashier in the grocery store? Something from a spouse or family member?

You know you have wordlessly received without giving back an appreciative look, let alone a simple Thank you. We easily thank someone weโ€™re trying to impress, but after that, we can take for granted their presence/presents. Since when does showing gratitude evaporate after the initial response?

What does it cost you to show appreciation with a simple verbal expression? Not the flippant words tossed over your shoulder as you leave the room without looking back, but the kind of sincere Thank you with eyes making contact, perhaps even smiling as you speak?

Saying Thank you can be extremely powerful. Itโ€™s obvious what it does for the receiver but, did you know your expression of thanks can have a significant impact on your daily outlook and on being happy? As important to us seniors is the fact that saying thank you and being grateful creates better heart health and more disease-fighting cells in your body.

Saying these tiny two words costs nothing yet gives a mountain of goodwill and acknowledgement. Give yourself and others a jolt of recognition.

Who needs to hear thank you from you today?