Vignettes in Aging — Attitude
  • Longing for love? Your attitude can make the difference.
  • Feeling the burning desire to belong? Your attitude makes it happen – or not.
  • Needing something to enhance your life? It’s all about your attitude.
  • Happiness versus loneliness, depression, emptiness? Your attitude plays a major role.
  • Will you succeed or not? A lot of the answer rests on your attitude.

    Yes, you guessed it:  your attitude plays a huge part of the trajectory of your life.

You know that fact intrinsically but still you get tamped down; your own feelings of doubt, or your lack of self-confidence shred the knowledge of the power of a positive attitude. Why? Is it because we’ve had experiences in childhood that reinforce our less-than-wonderful parts? Do we push away the positive and let the light shine on that tiny spec of negativity in our lives? Have we failed over and over again thus reaffirming we’re not going to be loved, or helped, or successful?

A good place to start in understanding attitude is knowing why. Sometimes we can get stuck, however, in the why instead of getting on with actually changing our attitude. If you attitude needs improving, here’s some of what you can do: 

  1. Spend time with others who consistently have a positive attitude.
  2. Expect the best outcome instead of the worst.
  3. Let negativity flow through you instead of letting it stick in your heart or your soul. (Hint: avoid the news or anything beyond your control if you need to.)
  4. Act with purpose. Make sure your actions reflect your values.
  5. Speak your gratitude by saying “thank you” more often.
  6. Laugh at yourself instead of being self-critical.


Here’s to a great 2020 and an improved attitude!