Vignettes in Aging – Commitment

We hear the word “commitment” frequently used relative to a person or a job or a specific action. The depth of our commitment to a person or a given thing or a belief is continuously tested. Either we are quizzed by others or we are tested by circumstances that wrought to pull us from that thing where our commitment lies.

How is commitment developed? Where do we learn to value the process of commitment and endeavor to strengthen it over time? Do you recall the first time you consciously made a commitment to something?

If you’re lucky, you learned about commitment through the actions of parents and teachers, not just by their words. Did you recall seeing a visual sacrifice in order for a commitment to be honored anytime during your childhood? Parents showed the grind of daily work as a commitment to a job they loved or a family they provided for or a desired career path they wanted to pursue.

Some commitments are born out of fear of losing something or someone. Still other commitments are created out of obligation….staying in a job or marriage in spite of its poor quality.

What current commitments are you honoring in your life today? Are they all good ones that you desire to maintain because they enrich your life or the lives of those who depend on you? Are there any commitments that have become outdated or forgotten that could be renewed or released?