Vignettes on Aging – Communion

Communion is the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

Communion to many is that Christian event at church where baptized congregants accept the symbols of Christ’s body and blood through wine and wafers taken in the name of the holy spirit. It is considered a special event and the main motivating reason for most worshipers to get baptized.

As mentioned in the Bible (James 1), ‘good gifts’ are given to us, and it’s been interpreted that friendship is one of those gifts. It’s purported that while we are here on Earth, we are guaranteed the richest and truest friendships.

In spite of what the bible says, communion in friendships takes love and care. We aren’t taught how to create and care for our friendships, and, without good role models, I’ve blown a few. Experience is an excellent and sometimes painful teacher.

As I have gotten older, I care less about the day-to-day rehash of most news stories or politics, weather, or people behaving badly. It’s my desire to connect on a more spiritual and heartfelt or deeper level. I am more eager to exchange deep thoughts and feelings with my friends than merely to repeat sound bites proving I’m plugged in to what’s deemed important or newsworthy. Plus, if I’m coming from a place of communion, it’s okay to risk making mistakes in my friendships. Hopefully, you’ll know I’m coming from a loving and accepting place even if I fumble expressing those sentiments.