Learning to know you’re enough starts early in childhood. Many who never quite live up to their parents’ expectations grow into a lifetime of putting their own needs and desires behind those of others.

As a wise adult, it is your opportunity to remind others, especially younger children that they matter just the way they are and that they bring so many special gifts into the world. You can do this by listening to them with rapt attention, by bursting into a bright smile when they enter the room, letting them do things their way – without interference and by encouraging them when their results don’t measure up to their own expectations or the expectations of others.

Making others feel like they are worthy and enough is a tremendous gift that is priceless. Remember what it feels like to have someone acknowledge your tasks or just your presence alone. If you yourself or someone you know feels less than, focusing on the positive is a good place to start to change. Time spent on appreciating compliments as opposed to wallowing in negative criticism is an indication of how we value ourselves.

Have you always felt like you were enough? If not, what did you do to reverse the emotional tide? How much time do you allow yourself to luxuriate in a compliment? What do you do to make others feel that they are enough?