Vignettes in Aging – Generosity

Here we are at the height of the giving/receiving season. Yes, it looks very different this year, but the concept is the same. We give and we receive. Never more at any other time of year is the subject of generosity discussed.

There is no greater feeling of joy than in giving and doing for others. It’s much more than just a TV audience going bonkers as Oprah yelled, “And there’s a car for you, and a car for you and a car for you,” as she punched the air in front of her for emphasis. Giving doesn’t need to be monumental to be beneficial and joyful. It’s a personal soul connection like no other.

Sometimes giving is much more exhilarating and joy-inducing than receiving. It is such a high! Can you think back to a time when you surprised someone with a gift – not a huge car-kind-of-gift, but something that was unexpected and valued by them? There’s nothing better! Now try it anonymously; see if you can get the same thrill when no one is there to “atta boy” your generosity.

Even the commercial parts of our society know that being generous is a good thing. In that vein, they produce some of the most “tug-at-my-heart” commercials during the holidays. No, I haven’t forgotten their main purpose, but I like their secondary message as well.

Here are a couple of examples that highlight generosity. Enjoy.