Vignettes in Aging – Simplicity

As difficult as it may be to acknowledge right now, good things have come out of the current world upheaval. It’s true. It just takes some snooping round to find those things.

One of the main advantages of a situation that shifts the paradigm off the charts and scares the bejesus out of us is that it simplifies our life. It simplifies it by reminding us what is important. Nothing like staring down the barrel of a life-threatening illness to evaluate how you are living your life versus how you should be living your life.

When you can’t get the things you want, whether that’s a day at the beach, or a live concert, or a family gathering, or a manicure, haircut, or massage, or to return to your job so money will again flow, you find out real fast what IS available to you.

Most of what fills a simple life is inside of you. Without others and without all the stuff we use to define and enhance our lives, we’re left with just us. During these past several months we’ve had an excellent opportunity to learn about ourselves and the kind of people we are. Some of it is good and some is not so great.

Without all the distractions we can each look long and hard about where we find joy and happiness and where we show up with the most compassion and least judgment. It’s excellent to have the ability to look at all this about ourselves before we begin decamping and returning to old habits, some of which don’t support your best self.

Don’t be in such a hurry to get back to the way it was before; some call that back to “normal.” Use this time to simplify your life and fill it with the best you can be and the best you deserve.

Now is the perfect time to rest in simplicity.