Vignettes in Aging – Thanks

That thing that swirls around us all year, every year, without regard for the time of year, is gratitude and giving thanks. We make a huge deal by acknowledging our thanks on one day in particular and, when it’s over, we go back to the same routine of our lives, sometimes not giving thanks again until next year at this time.

What does a world look like when everyone gives thanks on a slightly more regular basis? What do our lives look like when we bump up the amount of time we give thanks ahead of our time spent being pissed or frustrated or lacking patience?

How might we be changed when we forego complaining about shopping or cooking or about our imperfect spouses, friends, and family in favor of saying thank you for what we have taken for granted like health, family, and fellowship?

We have the power to affect the most significant change in the world if only we shift our priorities. Our power is greater than guns, sermons, manifestos, or money. If only ….

While we can’t wait for everyone else to get on board, we can do a lot on our own. Give thanks. Give thanks.

Give thanks and let your example be the best gift you can share.